Villa Del Prado Oriental Rug Collection
August 2018 - Page I

Many photos of fine rugs in the magnificent collection from Villa Del Prado.
Click on any image once loaded and it will bring up the fullsize photo.
It's best to close each small rug window before opening another.
Rugs marked with an asterisk ( * ) are my personal favorites
Pointing to any photo will bring up a caption describing the shot.
To save any photo to your harddrive, rightclick on it and choose 'save' from the menu.

Ferahan Sarouk**


Old Qazvin *

Ferahan Sarouk*

Tabriz *

Ultimate Esfahan**

Tabriz Heriz *

Hereke *



Klassic Kashan **

Kashan *



Mahallat *

Josan Sarouk*

Hereke *

Tabriz Heriz

Patrick's FiveSpot

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